Vehicle Motion Detector with Sensing Probe

  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy upgrade or switch out to new devices
  • Quick access to controls
  • Buried sensing probe protects against potential intruders
  • Wide power supply options
  • Energy conservation


CarSense 101 Vehicle Motion Detector with Sensing Probe

  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 12 ft detection range
  • Low power consumption

The CarSense 101 vehicle motion detector consists of a control module with a standard 11-pin connector and a sensing probe easily installed along a roadway.

  • Can be seamlessly integrated with security control boards, gate and door operators.
  • Provides a solution for many vehicle detection challenges, including:
  • Safety – it detects moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path and actuates warning lights
  • Security – it detects approaching vehicles or unauthorized movement of parked vehicles and actuates alarms, video cameras or other annunciators
  • Access control applications requiring free exit – detects vehicles and actuates gates, overhead doors and parking barriers


  • Controls and indicators are mounted on front panel
  • Available in 9 – 41 VDC 6 – 29 VAC
  • Low 2.5 mA standby current consumption, makes it an excellent choice for solar power applications
  • Housed in a small, relay-type housing
  • Surge protection


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