Supernova receiver

Working with the Nova remote controller, the CENTURION receiver uses stable narrow band technology to ensure reliable reception over a long period of time.



SUPA-NOVA to be used with the NOVA transmitter.

The receiver provides a cost effective and simple way of organising a complex multi-user installation.

SELF LEARNING: Similar to all CENTURION receivers, the SUPA range uses self learning technology for adding transmitters to the system, making the installation quick and easy.

SELECTIVELY ADD AND REMOVE USERS: User transmitters can be very easily added and deleted from the system without affecting any other users already stored.

The system allows two methods to manage all the users:

  • All users in a specific unit within the complex can be stored in a group. For easy identification the group number would correspond to the unit number.
  • Each user has a unique group number, which must be recoded. This method allows 1000 users to be entered into the system.

The SUPA-SMART can store up to 1600 users while the SUPA-NOVA is limited to 1000 users.

3 CHANNEL FLEXIBILITY: The system is supplied standard with 3 open collector output channels for greater flexibility and power. Each channel can be programmed to be latching (activate an alarm system or switch on perimeter lighting) or pulsed (operate a gate motor or similar access automation device). Any transmitter button can be programmed to operate any channel.

CONFIGURED FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE: The programming console is separate from the radio receiver. This allows the receiver to be mounted externally in an elevated position to ensure optimum reception, while the programming console can be securely and conveniently mounted elsewhere.

SECURE DATA: The programming console supports a plug in memory module, which is used to back-up all the information stored in the system. There is also a master group which can be used to restrict access to the programming functions.

SMART SWITCH: The link between the programmer and the device which it is operating (e.g. gate motor, roller shutter door operator, door lock etc.) can be made tamper proof using the optional SMART Switch.

DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION: The digital display indicates the group number of the transmitter currently being used. It also provides an indication when a signal from an unauthorised transmitter has been received. This allows confirmation that a transmitter is functioning, but has not been learned into the system. LEDs also indicate the status of each of the three channels.

For multi-user applications, the SUPA-SMART or SUPA-NOVA are the most powerful receivers in their price range. This, combined with all the user friendly features makes it the automatic choice for your next townhouse security installation.


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