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  • CS101


    Vehicle Motion Detector with Sensing Probe

  • CS303

    CS303 Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector

    Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector

  • CS303-L


    Logic Interface for CS303 Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector

  • D2-Turbo-cover

    D2 Turbo Motor

    A 12V DC battery revs the D2 Turbo up to 9000 rpm so it’ll move gates weighing up to 250 kilograms at up to 24 metres per minute.

  • CC0T1633

    Man Trap Cubical – Automatic

    Full height automatic security booth

  • Man Trap Manual

    Man Trap Cubical – Manual

    Full height manual security booth

  • Panasonic-intercom

    Panasonic Intercom System

    Highly expandable. Wireless monitor with DECT technology. 7-inch screen, colour LCD monitor

  • Performed Loop

    PR Lite Preformed Loop

    Lite Preformed Loop

  • speedgate express

    Speedgate Express

    Waist height ultra high speed barrier

  • speedgate secure

    Speedgate Secure

    The SPEEDGATE SECURE combines security and aesthetics all in one stylish product

  • Titan Turnstyle


    Full height industrial turnstile

  • Triumph Turnstile


    Full height industrial turnstile