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Aero Gate Access Automation for Commercial Applications

Security is a chief consideration when running a business. The level of risk sometimes varies with the type of business. For example, a company that handles a lot of sensitive information such as a credit card agency or lending institution will need a higher level of security than a self storage business. Gate access automation is one of the measures that a business can incorporate into their security. The technology used in automated systems has evolved significantly, thus providing convenience in many ways. At Aero, we have state-of-the-art access automation systems that cater to the broad needs of commercial properties. Our highly trained technicians specialise in access control installation.

Gates for commercial applications are designed to not only provide security but durability and strength to allow for a long life even with the exposure to harsh elements. The widely available services for gate automation have made the technologies accessible to a majority of property owners, in addition to cost efficiency. Only a few decades ago, such security options were a preserve of very large businesses due to the high expenses attached to automatic systems.

Why would your business need to invest in a gate access automation system?

High-Level Security

The primary function of a gate is to keep out intruders and control entry. Automated gates achieve that on a higher level. Commercial properties are common targets of burglary, especially if protection is lacking. However, a place of business with an automated system operating the gate will present a challenge to anyone who intends to enter without authorisation. Unlike traditional locks, it is hard to force open an enclosure with an automated access control what with the geared motors that are part of the design. Another security advantage you get is that an automated system allows for the incorporation of additional features such as an intercom or motion sensitive cameras. With automatic access controls, such applications become less troublesome to monitor.


A building with a high level of security will result in low insurance premiums and favourable policies because you have done something to reduce potential risks. There are also many health and safety benefits when access control is used within a building or plant. By keeping untrained people out of dangerous areas with many hazards a business can reduce accident rates. This results in fewer deaths and injuries, fewer days of lost productivity and increased production.

Monitoring Entry

Today, threats come from all corners and keeping an eye on who enters or leaves your commercial property is one way to mitigate them. By establishing a means of identification at the gate, you can easily tell who gains entry and at what time. Modern technologies allow for remote monitoring, meaning that you can do all this without having to be physically present in the building. By synching your gate access with a mobile phone, it is possible to track movements from anywhere. Efficient monitoring also makes access more efficient. Visitors don’t have to queue at the gate waiting for manual checks before they can come in. Again this results in increased security and better health and safety for both employees and visitors.

When looking for superior quality products that cater to all commercial gate automation needs, we carry the full Centurion range. Centurion has been offering access control and gate automation products for decades. If your gate needs accessories, we have options available, ranging from keypads to prox card readers to intercoms. Aero also carries turnstile products from a leading manufacturer, Turnstar.

Contact use for top-of-the-line gate automation solutions for a small or large commercial property.

We don't just do automated gate openers. We also supply turnstiles, intercom systems, keypads and complete security systems.


Types of Automated Gates

Gate access automation can be utilized in more than one gate design, which is another advantage it offers. It means that you don’t have to restrict your aesthetic requirements just because you are getting an automated system.

Swing Gates

A swing gate is designed much like a door with hinges on one side. This construction means that a swing gate needs enough space for it to travel without obstruction. Installation has to account for the space required for vehicles to stay clear when the gate is opening. A swing gate can easily hit a car or human during its operation; hence, the need for additional safety features.

Slide Gates

Most commercial property owners opt for the slide gate due to their uncomplicated operations. There is also the advantage of full driveway access even when a vehicle is approaching at an angle. A slide gate works by sliding on rollers installed at its bottom. This technique of opening and closing means that the enclosure takes minimal space.

Barrier Arm Gate

It is ideal for controlling vehicles, and it consists of a vertical barrier arm that operates by rotating in and out of the gate opening. By design, people can effortlessly jump over a barrier arm gate or go under it, so its main purpose is not protection.

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