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Why Choose an Automated Gate System?

Keeping your home safe and protected is of paramount importance. However, the piece of mind that comes with knowing a home is secured can be difficult to come by.

Keep your house and family safe by investing in automated gates. They are not only convenient and easy to use, but will ensure that the only people who get in are those who are invited. Aero thinks automated gates are a fantastic solution for those who want an extra layer of security.


Your home and it's contents are your most valuable assets. It isn’t enough to simply lock your doors and windows anymore. Imagine being able to control who is on your property with the touch of a button. An automated gate, combined with an intercom system solves this issue perfectly. The homeowner is completely in control at all times.

For homeowners with children or pets, an automated gate ensures that they will be safely contained within the property even when out of your sight. Because they are unable to open a gate, there’s no need to worry about children running into the street or pets getting lost or stolen.

Ease of Use

The problem with a regular gate is that it must be closed after each use. However, heavy manual gates can be a hassle to open and close every time a homeowner wants to enter or leave their property. They are also easy to forget to close, especially if a person drives through them.

With an automated gate, this problem disappears. There’s no need for unnecessary effort, and Aero's Centurion range are amongst the fastest gate operators available. All that is needed is the press of a button. This is a great help for elderly home-owners and visitors.

The Centurion range of automated gate openers are very reliable and backed up with Aero's great parts and service support.

Increased Property Value

Having an automated gate system in place does wonders for increasing the selling price of a house. A potential buyer will appreciate the convenience and appeal of automated gates.

We don't just do automated gate openers. We also supply door openers for garages, intercom systems, keypads and more.

Garage Door Openers

What type of automated gate opener will I need?

The choice to invest in an automated gate system is an easy one. The next decision is whether a sliding or swinging gate is best. There are several factors to take into consideration, especially the size of your property and possible obstacles.

Swing gates require far less maintenance than sliding gates, as sliding gates have a track that they slide on. In order to keep the gate on the track and prevent a jam or derailment, it must be kept clean and free of debris at all times. However, for some properties, swing gates just aren’t possible.

If you have large obstacles on your land that would interfere with the course of a swing gate, or if your driveway is a sharp upward slope, your swing gate would have to open outward, in the direction of the street.

If your choice hinges solely on aesthetic appeal, go with your personal choice. Swing gates look more impressive and afford a classic silhouette, though some are drawn to the simplicity of a sliding gate.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your home and family are afforded some of the best personal protection available today.

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