Solar Pack Kits

For 12V Centurion System kits requiring independent Solar Power, 3 day redundancy on all packages.

Available in the following packs:
Solar Pack 1 - Max openings a day 10 allows for Safety Beams
Solar Pack 2 - Max openings per day 25 allows for some accessories including Safety Beams
Solar Pack 3 - Max openings a day 50 allows for some accessories including Safety Beams.

Each Pack contains:

- An Appropriate Size Solar Panel, and Solar Grade Battery
- Breaker box with Regulator
- Battery Box
- Battery Cables and Leads to Solar Panel

In Addition to these kits we can also supply pole mounted brackets to get your panel on the right angle and direction out of reach is a good theft deterrent.

Custom Solar also Available - If you have a job requiring solar for more operations or a lot more accessories around the gates functionality we can custom calculate the requirements for a solar system to ensure reliability for your needs please click the enquire button and let us know the details and we will be in touch obligation free.
We also build custom kits for the 24V Centurion D10 on Commercial gates when needed.

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